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In order to serve you better, Pignose is designing a new website and shopping cart system. We are still accepting orders by phone or email until our new site is up and operational. Thank you for your patience.
As always, we appreciate your business!
Pignose Gorilla manufactures and distributes amplifiers, megaphones, accessories, and other products to music stores worldwide. While visiting our website, be sure to check out our:
•  Complete line of world-famous battery-powered portable amps, from the legend that started it all - the 7-100 - to our powerful Hog 20 and Hog 30 rechargeable amps.
•  Two innovative new stomp boxes, now enabling any guitarist get that famous "Pignose Sound" with the foot-tap of a switch.
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Pignose wants you to move around with freedom while you deliver your speech or sing your music! We're proud to announce our completely re-designed, high-quality wireless microphone line. They're available in two different configurations at a price anyone can afford. All with renowned Pignose quality and reliability. So there's no excuse to be "tied down" with wires any more while getting your message across; check out the niftiest wireless mics available today.
Brand new from Pignose Industries, Mr. C's Spray Detailer is an all-purpose instrument cleaner and protectant. It cleans and polishes quickly, and leaves a micro-thin high-gloss polymer protective coating for a showroom shine. Mr. C's is non-toxic and biodegradable. It works on all instrument surfaces except unfinished wood and rubber. Great on plated metal, piano wood, all wind and brass instruments, guitars both acoustic and electric (it even cleans and brightens guitar strings!). This product is the best and easiest-to-use instrument cleaner, protector and polish in the world. We've been working on this for years and we like to refer to it as a "Miracle in a Bottle". UNTIL YOU TRY THIS PRODUCT YOU CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GREAT IT IS!   • Cleans  • Polishes  • Restores  • Protects - For All Painted or Finished Wood and Plated Metal. Try Mr. C's Sprayer Detailer today and protect your investment in your favorite musical instruments or accessories.
Pignose wants your message to be heard - loud and clear! We're proud to announce our new, high-quality megaphone line. They're available in three different power ranges, at price points to fit anyone's budget. All with the same Pignose quality and reliability you've come to expect. So get your message across today with the coolest megaphones out there.
We're proud to introduce our latest portable amplifier, the 7-100 Limited Tweed Edition. We have limited quantities, as this is a short production run, and we expect to sell out quickly. This little humdinger is just like our standard 7-100, except it is covered with a beautiful tweed covering that evokes memories of those screamin' blues and rock tweed tones of yesteryear.
From time to time we hear from Pignose users just like you...and they continue to give us positive feedback on our products and service. Click HERE to hear what a couple of satisfied users had to say.
Richard Edlund Pignose Inventor Facts: We recently caught up with Pignose co-inventor Richard Edlund. After inventing the Pignose amp along with Wayne Kimbell back in the late '60s, Richard has been very busy. He went on to become a Hollywood special effects wizard who has won many awards for his achievements, including Academy Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Read More...

Get the Famous Pignose Sound: So you think you've seen and heard every kind of stomp box under the sun? Think there are no more worlds to conquer in the universe of effects pedals? Well, don't be too sure, because after thirty years on the sidelines, an exciting new player has gotten the game - Pignose. Don't take our word for it, check out the reviews!

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Portability, Reliability, Affordability: Since the introduction of the legendary Pignose 7-100 over 30 years ago, Pignose has been the worldwide leader in quality portable amps. We've added to the original with the powerful and rechargeable Hog 20 and Hog 30.

Click HERE to view all portable amps.

Take Your Pignose Backstage: Our Pignose Backstage amps have just been redesigned. They've got cool Pignose cosmetics, tough reliability, and AC power (no batteries). So if you're looking for a solid and dependable practice or backstage amp that's loaded with features, look no further. Pignose Amps have the sounds you want at a price you can afford.

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Pignose Does the Impossible: Continuing our tradition of bold innovation, we've created quality guitars with built-in amps, mixers and speakers for truly portable performing! These guitars must be seen, played, and heard to be believed. And don't forget the PGG-100, our first revolutionary Mini-Guitar with Built-In Amp.

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Cool Stuff, Hot Prices: Extra batteries, AC adapters, chargers, replacement parts, gig bags and more...we've got the Accessories every Pignose owner (or wannabe) wants and needs.

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